Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a quick post...

First, computer problems...then knee problems...blech. I've got a new router and it seems to have solved my computer issues. Unfortunately, I still have the same old knee. Finally gave in and went to the doctor last week and then for an MRI on Thursday. Waiting to hear the results tomorrow and crossing my fingers that it won't involve surgery. Although anything would be better than this pain and the resulting drug induced stupor. The worst part is the pills only dull the pain....haven't slept more than a couple hours at a time in several days....yawn!
So, being behind in all my commitments, I hobbled down the stairs to my little art studio and got busy. I still have a couple of things to finish, but here's what I managed to get done.....

This is for a tag triptych swap on PaperWhimsy. I will be sending this off to my swap partner. I received my fabulous triptych yesterday from Lorraine Beaumont. I will have to check with Lorraine and will add a photo of it if she doesn't mind my posting it here. It's awesome!

Next is my contribution to a tag book for a dear art friend who is dealing with the grief of losing her father-in-law.

These little hangings are gifts for the February birthdays on AllThingsTim. These started out using the technique I learned in a class with Tim using shrink plastic and UTEE. Unfortunately, the UTEE I have seemed too thick and didn't work as well as the brand we used in class. (Of course my patience wasn't what it should be with this knee pain interfering!) So, rather than be even later than I already am, I opted to use Fragments. I don't like the outcome as well, so will buy some of the UTEE we used in class and give it another try.....maybe for the March birthdays.

Well, first a litle nap (I hope) then back to work!


  1. Knee pain....what IS it about moving on in this wonderful journey...then the knees begin to hurt us?!! here is what I have to do A LOT!! I buy ICY HOT patches. They are magic!! Thin enough to be so flexible. Get the small size or the back size and cut them down. Use the peel off portion to smooth and smooth and really get the edges stuck down. Then, put on (carefully) legging type pants. You know, the type that are like second skin but not really tight and hard to sleep in ones. This will protect the icy hot patch on your knees. Then go to bed and you will be amazed at how they work. I sometimes have to do this during the day...but really it's the nights that are a real problem.

    xox Rella

  2. HI sweetie, Hope you are feeling better today. Love all your new art pieces.