Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have really neglected my blog this time. I signed in only to find my background code was missing or damaged and for some reason I couldn't fix it. So I had to re-do the design all together....sheesh! So it seems to be fixed although there are still a couple things I haven't figured out. Now I need to get photos of my recent work uploaded from my iPhone to the computer so I can post the few things I've done lately. I've been doing more babysitting than artwork!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My last two sets of skinny pages....

These are my last two sets of skinny book pages. I have to admit I was sad to see this one end. Although I really stressed about these mermaid and Halloween pages, I am pretty happy with the end result. And even though my "Shades of White" book isn't actually bound yet, the pages I received from this group of talented ladies is absolutely fabulous. Twelve of us from this group are now doing a 4x4 page swap. We will be doing a page a month again, so it will take a year to complete the book.

More art stuff.....

These are three little "housecicles" for another PaperWhimsy swap. Will also have to post a photo of the three I received in this swap.....they are so cute!!

These are six more pendant/tags for the ATT birthday club. There were a bunch of June birthdays and now only a few more for the year.
This was a spring canvas swap on the Art Friends Facebook group that my friend Jan hosted.

This is a canvas I made in a class that my friends Nancy, Jane, Ginny and I took at Stampeddler in Northville, MI. This was a new technique for me...the background is made from painted and torn sticky-backed canvas. The collage is actually made on the back of a canvas and little windows are cut from a piece of styrofoam fitted in the back side of the canvas.

Some recent art swaps....

In no particular order, here are some things I have made for recent swps. The first is a friendship themed postcard swap on the PaperWhimsy forum. I think I managed to use all Paperwhimsy images, background papers and embellishments.

This is a group of playing card ATC's. I think I will make some more of!!

This is my page for a 6x6 Stampers Anonymous book. The finished product is aweseome...will have to post some photos one of these days.

These are a couple of birthday tags for the AllThingsTim birthday club. I have made several more versions of this tag with pendant for the other birthdays this year. The birdcage magnet was for one of the guys in the group...didn't think the guys would want a pendant!!
This wooden box and tag were a birthday gift for the list mom on ATT.
These are charms for recent charm swaps. One is fabric, the three charms with flowers were for a spring theme swap and the last charm is for a metal and glass theme.

My new ride(s)....

I finally broke down and bought a new comfy bike....too old for that racing bike that's been hanging in the garage for many years. Unfortunately we had a VERY wet spring and went right into VERY hot summer weather, so I haven't had much chance to ride....even though I really NEED to! Now my new car is a different story. I traded in my old reliable Highlander for a little sportier Camry that gets much better mileage....pretty cute, huh? I have to admit though that I miss the SUV :(

A few more family photos....

This look could have been the result of a discussion of a nap....or maybe the result of being told no more peanut butter cups...or maybe ice cream!!! But she's SO cute it's hard to say no!!
These photo collages have been done on iPhone apps....part of my latest photography obsession!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More family photos.....

A few more family photos.....the grandkids are all busy playing sports (well all except the two babies and the big 18 year old who is busy working)! We babysit a day or two a week, so we see the two little ones enough to get some great pictures!!
Little Becca Rose LOVES going to the park and swimming! I have tons of iPhone photos of both!
Matt loves his baseball....shown here pitching.
Sweet little Morgan....she loves to be held...such a little sweetie!

This was just before our first trip to Build-A-Bear with Rosie....she's hooked!