Monday, January 31, 2011

Farewell my old chair.....

Well, my old chair finally gave was a sad day. I love my chair....although it looked much better in the family room with the ottoman before it was banished to the garage to await pickup. I have held the grandbabies for hours while they slept and spent many, many Sundays relaxing and reading the paper in the comfort of my chair. I couldn't find anything I liked nearly as well, so I settled for a nice green recliner/rocker. No ottoman and no pretty (albeit threadbare) leaf print fabric...and it's not big enough to have the little ones sit next to Grandma. Ah well, nothing lasts forever....farewell my old chair!

Here's Becca Rose checking out the new chair....the delivery guys weren't even gone before she had to test it! I must say, everyone seems to like the new chair except me....well, I don't really dislike it....just can't take the place of my old one!

I decided to change up the Christmas decorations a bit this year. Instead of my santa's on the fireplace I decided on an arrangement of snowmen and reindeers and sparkly stuff. I like the way it turned much that I left it for awhile after taking down the rest of the decorations. Had a hard time taking down my little tree on the fireplace too. Now we just have cold and snow to look forward to for a few months.

Now this is a motley crew if ever I saw one.....Grandma and Grandpa and all the grandkids! Next year we will have one more little one to add to the crowd!

Sweet little Becca Rose was in her first Christmas program. At 22 months, she was the tiniest one on the stage and although she was a bit baffled by it all, she sprang into action for the Jingle Bells number!! She was adorable!!

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