Monday, January 25, 2010

A couple of new things...

I am in a skinny book swap with some on-line art friends. Each person chose their theme and will ultimately receive a page for their book from each person who is participating. This is my first contribution! I chose white and neutral as the theme of my book....can't wait to see my first page in person. (I have seen a picture on-line and it looks awesome!)

These charms and tags are for a birthday swap on a Yahoo group for All Things Tim (Holtz).

I am also nearly finished with some valentine charms for yet another swap.


  1. Hi Leslie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's very nice to meet you! You make amazing artwork! I'll add your blog to my blog roll.

  2. How pretty your work is, Leslie.
    Your life and times is a very nice site too!


  3. I'm glad you entered my giveaway for OWOH and I hope you will be back again to visit! Your paper art is very nice!

  4. Beautiful Skinny Pages... I think it will turnout beautiful. What a wonderful magic carpet ride this has turned out to be. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. GOOD LUCK
    OWOH. I am #177

  5. Welcome to "Blogland" ~ you are certainly doing a wonderfully creative job ~ thanks for stopping by my blog ( and leaving a comment ~ happy creating ~ namaste, Carol

  6. Hi Leslie,

    thanks for stopping by my blog and entering into my giveaway for the OWOH giveaway! and welcome to the world of bloggers! Hope you enjoy yoruself and meet many new people!

    Fantastic blog, a great start! And i love your choice of music too, very soothing!:D

  7. What a great blog you have here! And pretty art too! Thanks for stopping by my blog for OWOH. #332. Nice meeting you!

  8. Thanks ever so much for your visit to my blog and taking the time to leave a lovely comment. Have a great rest of the week.

  9. Hi Leslie, Your artwork is really beautiful. There's so many pieces I love! Thank you for stopping by my blog & especialloy for following along too. I will be back again.

  10. Hi, thanks for your sweet visit.
    I so enjoyed visiting you,here, and love what you are creating.The skinny books are so sweet, and the tag/charms wonderfull, so I had to become a follower.


  11. Lesllie I really love these pieces!! And thanks for the heads up on that fab jewellery giveaway.

    Thank you so much for joining in my OWOH giveaway. Keep in touch!

    Cindy #603

  12. Whoop!!!! And I am the lucky girl to receive these gorgeous pages. They are so beautiful in real. Thank you my friend, love them. Welcome to blogland, sweetie, glad you are joining the fun.

  13. Lovely pages! Leslie, I also love your tags and the sewn art below. Seriously good art girl!
    I am so impressed by your blog and your creations.

  14. I love your collaging! This is so neat!

    Thank you for visiting my OWOH giveaway (at I am really intrigued by your art and will definitely be back (once this whole carpet ride is over and my eyes can refocus!) :)

    Many blessings,
    Lisa (from Indiana)
    lifeunity (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Hi Leslie-
    Beautiful tags and skinnies! You have a wonderful vintage style!

  16. Love your work, Leslie! Wonderful pieces :-)