Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My little artist....

...in training. Little Becca Rose takes her coloring very seriously! Her Mommy and Daddy tell me she has expanded her talents to include the wall and doors at home. Funny how that sounds so cute when it is your grandchild (and not your walls!!!) She loves to color with her cousins when they are here too!

These are my creations for the monthly skinny page swap I am in. These are for Connie's "Vintage Children" book. I really enjoyed her theme. Got the sewing machine out and the drywall tape I picked up at Home Depot. I used some really cool vintage ledger paper and of course a few PaperWhimsy images.

Tomorrow I hope to finish some of the Christmas things I have in various stages of completion!

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  1. Hi Leslie! I happened to see your post on ATT (i'm a newbie)& came over to see your blog. I absolutely LOVE your style! Becca Rose is a beautiful little girl! I don't have a blog, but I will be visiting yours all the time! Again, GORGEOUS work!